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WellPlot 4
Stratigraphic range charting and analysis software application that reads data directly from spreadsheets to create numerous range charts, log charts, or bar charts of multiple columns (up to 600). Many stratigraphic analysis features. Interact with database information using LookUp 1.0; Analyze events with RASC and Age/DepthPlot. Edit data directly! Calculate percent data for any selected set of taxa.

Counter 4.5
Windows and native Mac OS X data acquisition software that emulates a manual counter. Unlimited samples and categories per file. Many spreadsheet-like functions. Speaks category names for audio feedback of counts. Improves data quality and speeds acquisition. Counter 3.5 is available for Mac Classic.

LogPlot 5
Very flexible software to plot e-log data files. Ten curves by 12,000 points. Can be customized for larger files. Comes with LAS-Data reader.  Lightning fast data loading!  Interactive curve editing, curve merging, multi-curve lithology interpretation. New: Environmental borehole corrections!

StratChart 2
Create multi-column stratigraphic charts from text information. Use age or depth scales. Reads interval name, top and base. Takes the tedium out of creating stratigraphic columns and time charts. Edit and save data.

Lithology Column 2
Quickly generate outcrop or core descriptions. Create stratigraphic lithology columns from text information. Use age or depth scales. Automatic 'gamma ray' log response generated from grainsize information. Auto-color and auto-pattern by grainsize!

LookUp 2.0
Provides for interaction between WellPlot and stratigraphic databases via look-up tables. Multiple species copied from a range chart may be looked up
allowing for interactive analysis of species distributions. Built-in geologic time scale (SEPM, 1995, Gradstein and Ogg, 1996).

Age/Depth 2
Plot event depth against geologic age of event. Built-in geologic time scales (SEPM, 1995, Gradstein and Ogg, 1996). Graphic correlation - like. Interactive "lines of correlation". Interactively edit data: depth, FAD, LAD, etc. 

Ranking and scaling 1.0
RC-RASC finds the optimum sequence of ranked and scaled events from multiple files of taxa events. Use ShawPlot to cross plot events against optimum scaled sequence.

ShawPlot 2.0
Graphic correlation: Cross plot common events between 2 wells and plot graphic correlation diagrams. Use optimum scaled sequence (from RC-RASC) as standard section.

Diversity Calculator 4.5
Four measures of diversity are calculated from spreadsheet data. Raw species present, ratio of species present to total, Simpson index and normalized Shannon-Weaver index; plus total abundance of all columns.

SequenceStratChart 1.0
Create sequence stratigraphic diagrams from text information. Requires special sequence stratigraphic data.

Dipmeter 3.0
Tadpole plots, SCAT, cumulative plots, dip-azimuth histograms, bottlebrush plots and Schmidt plots from dip magnitude and direction.

TernaryPlot 5
Ternary Plot is an analytical and plotting application that normalizes and plots three values on a triangular diagram and 3 bivariate cross-plots. Means and standard deviations are calculated in the normalized space. Negative values may be projected outside the triangular system.

Vector Rose 3
An orientation analysis application that calculates circular-normal statistics and plots a circular histogram, linear histogram or class frequencies for any set of angular data, or any data with a circular normal distribution.

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