biostratigraphic program design and management • interpretation and integration

SERVICES OFFERED, LLC can act as a biostratigraphic project manager of a group of networked experts for large multidiscipline projects such as operating wells or regional studies. Or, we can use our in-house facilities to re-study and integrate existing biostratigraphic data sets.

Service list:
 - Biostratigraphic program design
 - Sample analysis for all fossil types (call for sample requirements and pricing)
      Palynology, visual kerogen and thermal maturity
      Micropaleontology (forams, etc.)
      Macrofossils and more

 - Multidisciplinary biostratigraphy project management
 - Sample processing for all fossil types
 - Data collection
 - Data visualization
 - Interpretation
 - Integration
 - Restudy of existing data sets
 - Paleo data conversion
 - Paleo data digitization
 - Regional studies
 - Quality assurance / quality control, contractor evaluation
 - Database design

Biostratigraphic program design:
Determination of the minimum sample interval and types of fossil analyses needed in your situation. Selection of the best experts available, worldwide, to perform the sample analyses.

Sample analysis for all fossil types:, LLC will use one of the best experts (worldwide) for the fossil type, age of rock and geographic area. We have affiliated experts in every fossil type, including palynology, nannofossils, foraminifera, ostracods, conodonts, radiolaria, diatoms, trilobites, graptolites and trace fossils. The experts are directed to generate independent, high quality, quantitative data to our specifications.

Multidisciplinary stratigraphy project management:
Palynological, micropaleontological, nannofossil analysis and other special paleontological analyses are coordinated. Each fossil analysis requires at least two people or laboratories: sample processing to extract the fossils from the rock, and fossil analysis. Once you provide us with samples, you no longer need to be involved with the daily logistics of the project.

Sample processing for all fossil types:
Sample processing is a basic, but critical step. Quality must be maintained at this level. After the BP-Arco merger, Arco's first rate paleontology processing laboratory equipment was acquired and PaleoLab was established in Houston to be better able to assure quality at this crucial stage. Refer to our Biostratigraphic Sampling Guidelines for information about collecting appropriate samples for your needs.

Data collection:
Data must be collected as an unbiased, independent variable. True quantitative data is collected. Not counts of 100, but rigorous, statistically valid data collection methods are applied. Concentration data is collected when warranted. See Paleo data digitization below.

Data visualization:
Custom software goes far beyond the typical range chart. Various data visualizations enhance the value of paleontological data as a tool for interpreting depositional systems and sediment packages.

The highest quality interpretations are achieved by the use of independent data sets, multiple expert opinions, and well data interactively linked to large databases of fossil age and ecology information via custom software. This method often results in 3 to 5 times higher age resolution than normal for independently collected data sets. A large database of modern analogs and multivariate analysis are used to interpret depositional systems within age constrained intervals.

Once all data sets are gathered as unbiased, independent variables, integration of the paleontological data can begin. After the paleontological data sets have been resolved, then integration with the geological, petrophysical and seismic data may begin. This sequence ensures that all data sets are honored and interpreted independently.

Restudy of existing data sets:
Even in cases where data sets were not collected as independent variables (or just one data type exists), custom software and databases can extract 2-3 times more age resolution than previous works.

Paleo data conversion :, LLC has written software to convert digital paleo data stored in out-dated or proprietary formats to useful spreadsheet format that can be opened and analyzed with Excel or other spreadsheet applications. Numerous data formats have been converted and the data applied to prospects or regional studies.

Paleo data digitization:
Custom software allows, LLC to turn old paleo reports, charts or fossil lists into useful digital data sets that can be analyzed with our visualization and interpretation software. This process helps to standardized interpretations and chronostratigraphic results between work of greatly varying vintage and performed by various companies.

Regional Studies:
Old data can be re-analyzed and combined with new sample analyses to form the core biostratigraphic data set for multi-well regional studies. The database approach will yield a coherent interpretation between wells with differing data types. Results are integrated with petrophysical logs and seismic (if provided) to yield a fully integrated sequence stratigraphic interpretation.

Quality assurance / quality control, contractor evaluation:, LLC can act as your "watchdog" to ensure that your company is getting its money's worth from your existing biostratigraphic contractor. In addition to experience, I have developed several statistical methods for evaluating data and analysis quality.

Database design:, LLC will design and/or populate specialty geological databases. PAZ Software, a partner company, has been developing specialty geologic databases and software for 18 years. Digital images, taxonomy, occurrence, age, climate, paleoenvironments and many other attributes may be databased.

Expert Witness Biostratigraphy and Paleontology:, LLC can undertake a study of existing data or generate new data to help you understand the pros and cons of the paleontological data in your litigation. We can serve as a biostratigraphy expert witness or behind the scenes counsel to your legal team.

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